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Our Process



We set expectations and discuss color or design options. We offer a large color palette and have the ability to do in house renders to accurately render a model of your vehicle and make changes as requested to make your vision become a reality.



After the color selection is made, we begin a comprehensive and methodical disassembly of the vehicle. This typically includes bumpers, trim, fenders, badges, seals, lights and reflectors to give us an opportunity to make the wrap as seamless as possible. Our wrap team is composed of dedicated parts fitters, specialized wrap techs, and thorough QC and documentation by management.


Wrap Process

The car is then moved to a prepped environment to reduce the chance of contamination and provide optimal wrap conditions for long-term durability. While this is a more cost effective alternative to paint, it is still susceptible to dust nibs and other defects. We maintain a high standard to minimize any particles or defects.



The vehicle is carefully reassembled by the same techs who did the disassembly. Modern cars are becoming increasingly complex and our team is familiar with what it takes to make sure your vehicle is given back to you in an OEM state.


Post-Cure and Delivery

High tech and accurate post cure are done via infrared heat curing to ensure that the adhesive is 100% adhered to the surface of your vehicle. Every manufacturer sets a post-cure temperature. This is important to ensure durability. We then do a PH Neutral final cleaning and inspection to prep for final delivery. Additionally, we will follow up with post care instructions and provide yearly care to ensure longevity.



Through numerous internal software and relationships, we keep a record of your vehicle, wrap details, etc. and upload said details to CarFax and our vendors to keep an accurate service record for both you, and ourselves. We then aim to stay in contact and continue providing assistance as needed. This is part of the ongoing support and personal experience we aim to provide.

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